Meet our Founder and CEO.

Karen Houghton

In 2007 I founded a nonprofit that worked with coffee growing communities in Rwanda. We accomplished much. I loved the people, the work, the mission. 6 years in, I started to experience burnout. The endless fundraising cycle and scarcity mindset was exhausting. I started looking for something different.

One of my largest donors referred me to a software entrepreneur, David Cummings, and my tech career began. I spent the next 8 years building America's 4th largest tech hub, Atlanta Tech Village. I've supported hundreds of startups, advised dozens of entrepreneurs, and served as a Venture Partner with Atlanta Ventures.

I love the tech world, but my love for nonprofits never left me. Infinite Giving was born from my desire to introduce modern, financial technology to serve those on the frontlines making the world a better place. What if we grow the world's giving, infinitely?

We can. We are building something great and I can't wait for you to join us.

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