Optimizing your nonprofit's donation page involves more than just adding captivating images or refining mission-focused copy. While these are essential starting points, there's a powerful strategy that can significantly enhance your donation page's effectiveness—diversifying your giving options. By expanding the range of payment methods and providing donors with opportunities to amplify their contributions, you can attract more supporters and elevate your fundraising success.

As we delve into these new giving options, consider your target audience and identify which donation avenues would most resonate with your supporters. Let's explore seven impactful giving choices to enrich your donation page:

1. Recurring Gifts

If your donation page lacks a recurring or monthly giving option, prioritize adding one. A recurring giving program empowers donors to contribute regularly, typically on a monthly basis. This approach is not only convenient for donors but also cultivates commitment, with recurring donors giving 42% more annually than one-time donors. For instance, a donor might opt for a $15 monthly donation instead of a one-time $100 gift, fostering a lasting relationship with your nonprofit.

2. Cryptocurrency

Despite seeming unfamiliar to many nonprofits, cryptocurrency donations present substantial fundraising opportunities. Catering to the approximately 13.7% of Americans who own cryptocurrency can broaden your donor base. Crypto donations offer high-capacity donors additional tax benefits and the potential to contribute more substantial amounts. To tap into this, guide interested donors on your donation page on how to send crypto, providing a link or QR code for easy access.

3. Stocks

Similar to cryptocurrency, accepting stock donations can attract high-income donors and lead to larger contributions. Setting up a brokerage account is the initial step, and some providers simplify this by opening the account for you. Infinite Giving's guide outlines four straightforward steps for nonprofits to accept stock donations:

  1. Set up your donation page to include stock giving as an option.
  2. Collect information on the donor's stock gift through the donation form.
  3. Instruct the donor to contact their broker to initiate the stock transfer.
  4. Receive and promptly liquidate the stock gift to preserve its value.
  5. Since donating stock may seem intricate, provide information on your website's Ways to Give page, explaining the process, tax benefits, and contact details for inquiries.

These giving options go beyond the conventional, providing your donors with choices that align with their preferences and financial capabilities. By incorporating these into your donation page, you create a more inclusive and engaging giving experience, ultimately boosting your nonprofit's impact.

4. Legacy Giving Options

Legacy giving offers donors a chance to make a lasting impact on your cause without affecting their day-to-day finances. It involves setting aside funds to be donated to your nonprofit after the donor passes away. Two notable legacy giving options to consider adding to your donation page are:

- Bequeathments: Donors include your nonprofit in their will, allocating a portion of their estate to support your organization.

- Micro-endowments: Personally-gifted endowment funds that donors contribute to during their lifetimes, ensuring continuous growth and funding for your nonprofit beyond their lives.

- Given the personal nature of legacy giving, many nonprofits provide information on their donation page and encourage interested donors to reach out directly.

5. Donor-Advised Fund Grants

Donors dedicated to leaving a lasting giving legacy may have their own donor-advised funds (DAFs). These funds, managed by DAF providers, can be challenging for donors to contribute from directly. Simplify the process by incorporating a DAF widget on your donation page, guiding donors through the steps to request a DAF grant from their provider.

6. Matching Gifts

Corporate philanthropy through matching gifts involves companies doubling their employees' contributions to nonprofits. Enhance your donation page by informing donors about matching gifts and embedding matching gift software with a search tool. This enables donors to quickly check their eligibility and discover the steps needed to request a match, effectively doubling their impact at no extra cost.

7. Tribute Gifts

Consider adding a checkbox to your donation form, allowing donors to specify if the gift is in honor of someone. This engages supporters making donations on behalf of others, for occasions like birthdays or as a tribute to someone personally affected by your cause. Collect the honoree's name and inquire if the donor wishes to be notified. Offer the option for donors to notify the honoree themselves through a charity eCard branded to your nonprofit. This not only makes the process easy and enjoyable for donors but also enhances engagement and widens your organization's reach.

Remember to maintain simplicity in your form fields, asking only essential questions to prevent overwhelming donors. After a few months of implementing these options, analyze new giving patterns to identify preferred choices among your donors. This valuable information will guide tailored fundraising appeals, further optimize your donation page, and ultimately increase support for your mission.