Nonprofit Endowment Management Software

Empower your donors to easily and efficiently gift named endowments using our custom, white-labeled endowment management software.

Infinite Giving’s endowment software makes it easy for donors to give.

Manage all gifted endowments with ease

Our endowment management software's dashboard gives you complete, transparent insights into your gifted endowments.

Still have questions about nonprofit endowment management software?

How are these endowments different from donor-advised funds?

In a donor-advised fund, or DAF, the nonprofit doesn't own the principal. It's possible for the DAF to stop annual disbursements to your nonprofit or for the funds to never you. For gifts made through Infinite Giving's endowment management software, however, the principal is owned by your nonprofit. Your organization benefits instead of going through a third party.

How much does endowment management software cost?

The endowment creation tool is free for all Infinite Giving accounts. Our standard fee applies to the assets under management (AUM).

Are the endowments restricted?

Any endowment gifted through Infinite Giving's all-inclusive donation page has minimal restrictions. The principal is protected, but the disbursement can be used at the discretion of the organization, usually to where the funds are most needed at that time. However, donors can note their preferences, and the nonprofit will do their best to honor them.

What is the minimum endowment gift amount?

The minimum initial donation for our endowment gifting tool is $25,000. Once created, any amount can be added to the endowment over time.

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