Donor Advised Fund Software & DAF Widget

Our Donor Advised Fund software makes requesting DAF grants easy for your nonprofit and simplifies the giving process for donors.

Help donors easily give DAF grants to your nonprofit with Infinite Giving’s Donor Advised Fund software.

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What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF), is a charitable giving account established by an individual donor at a public charity. Donors get an immediate tax deduction any time they contribute money to the account, which they can then distribute to various nonprofits over time.

A DAF is considered “donor advised” because the donor doesn’t give the funding to organizations directly. Rather, donors request that the manager of their DAF give DAF grants to the nonprofits of their choice. While the third-party organization has legal control over the DAF, the donor retains distribution privileges.

Why should you request DAF grants with a DAF widget?

One of the pain points of DAFs for nonprofits is that DAF funds do not have payout requirements, meaning donors often need reminders to request grants. Donors must then make a request for a DAF grant, which can be confusing and tedious.

With Donor Advised Fund software, your nonprofit can streamline the request process for donors and accept DAF donations sooner. Using a DAF widget to make proactive asks reminds donors to make those requests and provides them with immediate information on the actions they need to take to give.

Is there a transaction fee to request DAF donations?

There are no transaction fees to request DAF donations through our Donor Advised Fund software. We believe 100% of your donations should go to your nonprofit.

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