Automated investing for nonprofits

The platform that gives you the tools, expertise, and support you need to reduce fees and grow your giving.

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The all inclusive asset management platform

Reserve Funds

Hedge against inflation and protect future buying power of reserves.

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Capital Campaigns

Accelerate capital campaigns and preserve funds already raised.

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Reduce your management fees  and easily create new endowments.

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Gifting tools included with every account

Stock Donations

Increase donations with a custom landing page that helps donors easily gift stocks.

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Crypto Donations

Easily accept cryptocurrency that gets reinvested into diversified portfolios.

Coming 2022

Gifted Endowments

Receive gifted endowments from donors with our white labeled gifting tool.

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Start investing today.

We are a Registered Investment Advisor for Nonprofits. We offer automated investing, outsourced CIO, and fiduciary services as well as giving tools.

Invest reserve funds
Receive stock and crypto donations
Manage and create endowments
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