The all-inclusive donation page

Our donation page helps you easily ask for and receive cash, stocks, crypto, DAF grants, and even endowments all in one place.

Accept a variety of assets

The modern donor wants to donate more than just cash. Don't miss out on valuable donations from high net worth individuals.


Receive stock donations with added levels of transparency compared to just a brokerage account.

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Accept Bitcoin and Ethereum - automatically converted to cash and sent to your checking account.

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Help donors create legacy giving with endowments and convert them into lifelong supporters.

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DAF Grants

Donors can easily give directly from their existing Donor Advised Fund in a few clicks online.

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Your brand, our technology

Our donation page is 100% customizable. You can add your logo, mission, and brand colors to ensure donors know they're in the right place.

Focus on relationships, not transactions

Infinite Giving handles all of the heavy lifting giving you and your donors an exceptional giving experience.

  • Automated receipt generation, reports, and emails.

  • A secure and streamlined donor gifting experience.

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  • Ultimate real time transparency of donors.

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