Investment Consulting for Nonprofits

Infinite Giving’s team of nonprofit investment consultants combines their years of expertise with modern technology to support nonprofits’ capital preservation, growth, and long-term financial sustainability. Their fiduciary role and deep nonprofit expertise ensure strong stewardship.

A better investing experience

Our investment consulting team delivers a highly transparent, modern investing experience for both you and your donors.

Nonprofit expertise

Our nonprofit investment consultants have helped manage over $3B in nonprofit funds and include former executive directors, board members, and volunteers with decades of experience in nonprofit finance.

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Low fees

We utilize best-in-class, secure investing technology to keep our fees low so you can retain more funds for your nonprofit.

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High liquidity

Your funds can be withdrawn in as little as 1-3 business days without any additional fees.

Combining nonprofit investment consulting with technology

Along with investment advisory services and policy creation, you’ll receive access to an intuitive dashboard that has everything you need to view and manage your investments—all in one place.
An example investment dashboard that lets you monitor and manage investments with the help of our nonprofit investment consultants.

Compare our nonprofit investment consulting to the competition

Infinite Giving leverages personal nonprofit experience and modern technology to make your investing experience first-class.

Traditional Advisors

Infinite Giving

Serve a variety of industries and don't understand nonprofits' unique needs
Serves exclusively nonprofits
High and hidden fees
Up to $5M in FDIC coverage, with low fees and transparent pricing
Can take weeks to create an account
Create an account in just 20 minutes online
Outdated technology which may make it hard to check balances and transfer funds
Easy-to-use online dashboard with safe, fast, and easy transfers

Still have questions  about investment consulting for nonprofits?

Who manages my portfolios?

Our team of expert nonprofit investment consultants has decades of experience with both investing and nonprofit governance. Our trusted investment committee directly manages more than $3 billion in assets for organizations like yours.

What if I need to access my funds?

We believe you should be able to access your funds whenever you need to. A linked bank account allows you to easily ACH or wire transfer money in and out of highly liquid assets within 1-3 business days, fee-free.

How are fees taken?

Fees are calculated quarterly in arrears based on your average daily balance and taken directly out of your Infinite Giving account. Learn more about our fees and transparent pricing structure, or meet with our team to answer any questions you may have.

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We are a Registered Investment Advisor for Nonprofits. We offer nonprofit expertise, fiduciary services, and award-winning technology to grow your giving.
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