Crypto Donation Platform for Nonprofits

Our donation page makes giving crypto donations to nonprofits easy and accepting them even easier. Our financial experts manage the conversion, and your nonprofit receives the cash.

Accept bitcoin donations from supporters using Infinite Giving’s crypto donation platform.

View all crypto donations at a glance

Our crypto donation platform's dashboard gives you ultimate transparency into all your noncash gifts.
Our platform includes a comprehensive dashboard where you can monitor the status of all your crypto donations.

Still have questions about our crypto donation platform?

What cryptocurrencies can you accept?

At this time, our crypto donation platform lets your nonprofit accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). We have plans to accept more cryptocurrencies in the future, but in the meantime you can also accept stock donations and endowments.

How much does the platform cost?

Unlike other providers, we do not charge high transaction fees, annual fees, or require high minimums. The crypto donation platform is available for free for Infinite Giving investment clients.

*This does not include gas fees common in all crypto transactions or fees charged by our cryptocurrency partner, Gemini.

Are cryptocurrency donations tax deductible?

Yes! The IRS considers crypto donations to nonprofits to be similar to property, so donors can receive tax deductions based on the value of their gifts. As an added benefit, donating crypto can also help offset your donors’ capital gains taxes, potentially by up to 37%. By donating crypto directly instead of its cash proceeds, they don’t have to pay capital gains taxes on the crypto’s appreciation, but receive the deduction for the full value of their gift.

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