Our Founder & CEO, Karen Houghton, was a speaker on a panel called “Faith Based Financing: what your faith organization needs to know” hosted by NXUnite!

She joined Andrew Robison President of Petrus Development, Colleen Carroll of Nexus Marketing, and Christian Spearow a CPA at Jitasa on a NXUnite panel for a candid and compelling conversation.

Here are the some of our takeaways according to Andrew Robison:

  • Be excellent stewards of your organization's finances. Investing your reserves in the market could bear 100x more fruit than keeping it in a savings account. Your donors and program beneficiaries deserve that.
  • Hire for passion and train for skill. And it starts with culture. If your organization currently has skilled people who don't believe in the mission, having a strong culture is your best way to change that over time.
  • Technology can be a powerful tool if used appropriately. Groups like Infinite Giving have wonderful tools and the people to help you implement it. It starts with people and process, but if you have that in place, don't fear the technology.
  • Invest for the long term. This includes hiring, training, supporting and retaining great people. It also means spending money to develop the processes and implement the technology. Don't focus on the now to the detriment of tomorrow.

Want to hear more about what Karen and her fellow panelists had to say? Check out the video recording below.

Thank you to NXUnite for hosting and to the team at Nexus Marketing for moderating!