Embarking on the journey of establishing a nonprofit can be exhilarating, but navigating the complexities of fundraising is essential for sustainability. Our panel session delves into the crucial aspects of fundraising for new nonprofits, offering invaluable insights to empower attendees in their philanthropic endeavors.Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from seasoned experts and embark on your fundraising journey with confidence and purpose.

What is discussed?

- Key steps new nonprofits should take to build a successful fundraising strategy

- How to diversify their funding sources to reduce reliance on any single funding source

- Effective ways for new nonprofits to use technology and digital platforms to boost their fundraising efforts

- Trends in nonprofit fundraising and how to stay ahead today

Meet the Panelists

Karen Houghton, CEO & Founder at Infinite GivingKaren Houghton is the CEO of Infinite Giving and a Nonprofit Investment Advisor. Karen leverages her deep nonprofit expertise to bring modern cash management to nonprofit organizations all over the US. She advocates for organizational sustainability through better financial management, strategic access to curated investment practices, and increased stock, crypto, and DAF giving.

Robert Grabel, President at Nonprofit Now!Robert Grabel has spent nearly two decades in the nonprofit arena doing everything from launching his own start-up charity to serving in senior leadership roles.  He's helped raise millions in support of senior care, housing, job training, education, health and healthy lifestyles, youth services as well as the fight against heart disease, cancer, and type 1 diabetes. He is a passionate advocate for the nonprofit sector, writes and speaks on a wide range of industry topics, and volunteers for organizations in his own community.

Amber Wynn, CEO at Amber Wynn, PhilanthrepreneurAmber Wynn, operating as a Philanthrepreneur, seamlessly blends the heart and passion of philanthropy with the best business practices acquired over the past three decades. She has played a pivotal role in assisting nonprofit leaders in raising over $10 million in funding to support their missions and enact impactful changes within their communities.