The winners of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards were announced, and Infinite Giving was recognized as a software company that is changing the world. The award honors innovative technology that supports the growth of positive social innovation.

Disruptive Tech for Good

“We are actively disrupting a very traditional industry and bringing a better investing experience to nonprofits,” said Karen Houghton, Founder and CEO. “Reduced fees, greater transparency, and asset growth all in one easy to use platform is a win on many different levels. Nonprofits have a big responsibility to handle donor money responsibly and are always seeking additional funds. Our technology allows us to reduce traditional fees so more money can go to their mission and bottom line, not third party fees.”

The company has grown to a team of eight in their first year and has raised over $1M in funding led by serial entrepreneur David Cummings and his venture capital firm, Atlanta Ventures. Infinite Giving became a registered investment adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission one month before launching its automated investment platform this past fall. 

The company currently serves happy customers all across the US including charities, schools, HOAs, and religious organizations. They aim to quadruple their clientele by the end of the year. 

Seth Radman (CTO), Karen Houghton (CEO), Connor Ford (Senior Engineer)

Innovation In Nonprofit Investing

Infinite Giving is the first automated investment platform for nonprofits. Their innovative technology democratizes and simplifies a better investing experience for all nonprofits with reduced fees so more money can go towards mission and bottom line. They help mission-driven organizations hedge against inflation, lower endowment fees, and grow asset giving in one easy to use all inclusive platform. Their curated diversified portfolios offer low cost index funds designed to weather the market and grow nonprofit giving.  

This financial technology firm has innovative solutions to help nonprofits receive stock and cryptocurrency gifts, create endowments in minutes, and a fully digital entity brokerage account opening. They also offer a unique donor portal to increase transparency and accountability, custom giving URLs, automated board reports, and outsourced CIO and fiduciary services. 

Award Winning Software

After being recognized locally, the World Changing Ideas Award is the most recent in recognitions for the company. A panel of eminent Fast Company editors, venture capitalist, business leaders, and reporters selected from a pool of nearly 3,000 entries from across the globe honoring some of the world’s most inventive entrepreneurs and companies tackling global challenges. 

“Our powerful mission is to leverage modern, financial technology to help nonprofits grow their giving and amplify their good work. We estimate that nonprofits in the U.S. could create an additional $5B each each year simply by changing their financial practices,” says Houghton. “Reducing investment fees and providing smart investment opportunities that move reserve funds from savings, money markets, and CDs to market opportunities with improved average annual returns can be incredibly meaningful. Imagine the good that money could do.” 

“We’ve transformed an antiquated financial system to make it modern and accessible" says Seth Radman, Co-Founder & CTO. "Our technology handles the hard stuff behind the scenes using secure API integrations with financial institutions, automated stock orders, and customized portfolio rebalancing algorithms. Our technology constantly monitors market fluctuations to auto-rebalance portfolios and suggest strategies for customers."

Seth shared, “We’ve also streamlined the new brokerage account creation process, which is a major pain point for nonprofits trying to work with larger banks. Instead of using outdated paper forms and waiting several weeks, nonprofits can open an account in just 15 minutes online. It’s fast and easy.”

“We are consistently inspired by the novelty and creativity that people are applying to solve some of our society’s most pressing problems,” says David Lidsky, interim editor-in-chief of Fast Company

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About Infinite Giving:

Founded in 2021, Infinite Giving is the automated investment platform for nonprofits. Its mission is to leverage modern, financial technology to grow the world’s giving by helping nonprofits invest reserves, create endowments, and receive stock and crypto gifts with software that automates their investment strategy. Infinite Giving is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit