Nonprofits are expected to protect the funds they have raised.

In order to ensure those funds are FDIC insured, many organizations have to hold 3-5+ bank accounts just to diversify their funds and not exceed the $250k ceiling.  These organizations have to hold their reserves over multiple accounts just to ensure FDIC coverage which creates unnecessary administrative complexities and a huge loss of staff time.

Do businesses have to do that? No. They have sweep programs, which banks don't offer to most nonprofits.

What is a sweep program?

An insured deposit program for cash, also known as an FDIC sweep program, is a liquid alternative overnight investment. This program leverages expanded FDIC insurance coverage, which is a feature other accounts, like money market funds, cannot provide. With this program you can earn interest on idle cash balances and manage risk with FDIC insurance while providing banks an attractive, more diversified source of funding and liquidity.

What about nonprofits?

90%+ of small to mid-size nonprofits did not have access to FDIC sweep programs, until now.

Infinite Giving is proud to offer a nonprofit sweep program that provides our clients with FDIC coverage up to $5M in cash through one account currently offering 4.5% APY. Streamlined bookkeeping, increased transparency and access, better yields - what's not to love?

How does Infinite Giving offer more than the FDIC bank standard of $250,000?

We are able to sweep your reserve deposits to partner banks through a brokerage account, each one FDIC insured. As a result, you get 20x the FDIC insurance you'd get at a bank. A FDIC sweep program is common business practice, but we are the first firm to offer these to all of our nonprofit clients.

At Infinite Giving we take the responsibility to keep your money safe very seriously. We’re proud to offer far more FDIC insurance than a regular savings account and typically much better yields even net fees.

Welcome to one of the many perks of working with a Nonprofit Investment Advisor.