Watch our 90 second explainer video to learn more about the work Infinite Giving does or read the transcript below.

The endless nonprofit fundraising cycle is hard so we applied sound business and financial practices to free you up to do more. What if nonprofits could grow their giving infinitely? They can.

Infinite Giving is the world's first investment platform built for nonprofits. We help you create and manage endowments, invest reserve funds and receive stocks easily with software that automates your investment strategy and grows your giving.

Our passive investment engine manages your money with a diversified and re-balanced portfolio of low-cost index funds and ETFs. This means the money you raise once can continue giving for decades to come.

We estimate that nonprofits lose out on almost 5 billion each year by leaving their money in a savings account paying, high fees, and not earning average market returns. Imagine the good that money could do!

Until now you had to use a big bank with endless paper forms pay high fees with a wealth advisor or community foundation, or do it yourself which can be confusing and overwhelming. Infinite Giving is democratizing investing for nonprofits making it more accessible, affordable, and specific to you.

Our platform provides a paper-free, low-cost ,easy to use solution with software that can perform better than most human. Together we can grow your giving. Investing isn't easy we just make it feel that way.