In an increasingly digital world, traditional fundraising methods are being augmented—and sometimes replaced—by innovative digital strategies. Understanding the digital landscape is paramount for successful fundraising efforts. In this panel, listen, learn, and revolutionize your fundraising efforts in the digital realm!

What was discussed?

- Fundraising trend to be on top of today

- How to leverage a combination of traditional and digital fundraising strategies

- How data analytics play a role in modern fundraising practices

- Donor engagement in modern fundraising

- How nonprofits stay on top of the tools and tech without getting overwhelmed

Watch here.

Meet the Panelists:

Karen Houghton, CEO & Founder at Infinite GivingKaren Houghton is the CEO of Infinite Giving and a Nonprofit Investment Advisor. Karen leverages her deep nonprofit expertise to bring modern cash management to nonprofit organizations all over the US. She advocates for organizational sustainability through better financial management, strategic access to curated investment practices, and increased stock, crypto, and DAF giving.

Bob Duckworth, Fundraising Solutions Consultant at NPactBob Duckworth has worked in the nonprofit space for over 25 years. He is a fundraising solutions consultant at NPact, an organization that offers a full suite of services that support nonprofit operations such as Database Assessments, Training, Consulting Hours, Conversions & Implementations, and Outsourced Accounting.

Cyrus Kazi, CEO & Co-Founder at QuantiblyCyrus Kazi is a visionary leader at the intersection of technology and social impact, known for pioneering initiatives that bridge diverse communities. With almost 25 years of experience in tech innovation, Kazi has championed projects fostering inclusivity and accessibility in digital spaces. As a respected thought leader, he regularly contributes insights on the ethical implications of emerging impact technologies in shaping a more equitable future. He has helped build innovative tech-enabled solutions in education, finance, health, government, supply chain, and other areas, working with both the private and social sectors.

Jeff Porter, CEO & Founder at Handbid Jeff is no stranger to fundraising events, having participated in them for over 25 years. He ran his first fundraiser in 2005 and has managed over 50 auction events and fundraisers for his own charities, not to mention hundreds more with Handbid. Jeff has been involved in technical product and software development since 1996 and has built and managed mobile app solutions since 2008. When it became clear that he and his wife, Kari Porter, needed a better solution for their fundraisers, developing a mobile bidding app was a no-brainer. The result? Jeff and his wife Kari developed and launched Handbid in 2011. The rest is what they call “history”.