It's finally here.

One easy to use, beautiful branded gifting page that is not just for cash gifts. Nonprofits can now give donors an exceptional asset giving experience and grow their stock, cryptocurrency, DAF, and endowment gifts with a few clicks. Assets are the new path forward for high wealth donors and the most tax efficient way to give. Don't get left behind on end of year giving.

Let's look at the numbers.

Most nonprofits only ask for cash gifts on their website. If they do mention stock giving, it was probably a very manual and painful process for both your donor and your organization. Or, you make no mention of asset giving unless your donors do.

That's not a great idea. First, high wealth donors don't hold most of their wealth in cash, but in assets. By only asking for cash, you are requiring them to do more work and after taxes, you are getting a much smaller donation. Asset giving is actually the most tax efficient way for your donors to give. And it benefits your mission too!

Let's look at the average gift size:

  • average stock gift: $8,000
  • average crypto gift: $10,000
  • average endowment gift: $25,000
  • average DAF grant: $12,000

Average online cash gift? Only $128.

Are you missing out?

Your brand, our technology.

Your gifting page is 100% customizable. You can add your logo, mission, and brand colors to ensure donors know they're in the right place.Quit using multiple vendors and subscriptions. We offer an all inclusive gifting page that provides an exceptional donor and nonprofit experience.

Focus on relationships, not transactions

Infinite Giving handles all of the heavy lifting providing you and your donors an exceptional giving experience for one low monthly fee. We provide:

  • Automated receipt generation, reports, and emails.
  • A secure and streamlined donor gifting experience.
  • Ultimate real time transparency of donors.
  • One platform that automates stock, crypto, DAF grants, and endowment gifts.

Ready to capture end of year for asset giving? We've got an opportunity for you!

Fundraising isn’t easy. We just make it feel that way. Let's grow your organization's giving together. Contact us for a demo.